Raises Received Thursday by Pottsgrove Administrators

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Eighteen Pottsgrove School District administrators were approved Thursday (Dec. 2, 2021) by its school board to receive annual salary increases, according to a list provided to the media Friday (Dec. 3) by a district representative. Of those, two individuals received recommended raises of 4 percent each, and the remaining 16 each received recommended hikes of 2 percent.

The additions to salaries are part of the district’s Act 93 Compensation Plan. It’s named for state legislation, passed during 1984, regarding agreements that define the amount of compensation, fringe benefits, and other employment-related matters for school district administrators or supervisors generally below the level of superintendent and assistant superintendent.

Board directors, during their regular meeting, unanimously approved the plan without offering any comment to the public. The list provided Friday was not made available during the board’s meeting Thursday night. The raises took effect retroactively on Dec. 1 (Wednesday). The new salary levels for the combined 18 individuals represents a total of about $1.9 million for the year, and a salary average of about $106,060.

Those earning 4-percent increases were Dr. Kate Pacitto, Pottsgrove’s director of pupil services, and Steve Anspach, its athletic director. Their additional amounts were awarded, the district said in an e-mail, because both have taken on added responsibilities. During the 2021-2022 academic year, Pacitto will be paid $138,937, and Anspach, $92,891.

The 16 individuals earning 2-percent increases, listed by name and title in descending order of salary levels, were:

  • Bill Ziegler, High School Principal, $157,071;
  • Daniel Vorhis, Director of Education & Assessment, $147,173;
  • David Ramage, Director of Technology, $138,172;
  • Terri Kohler, Elementary Principal, $129,609;
  • Jeff Cardwell, Director of Facilities, $121,509;
  • Chris Stango, Elementary Principal, $121,380;
  • Kyle Kanter, Supervisor of Special Education, $120,896;
  • Steven Sieller, Elementary Principal, $119,385;
  • Gary DeRenzo, Director of Community Relations & Co-Curricular Activities, $118,852;
  • Felicia Gonzalez, Middle School Principal, $115,000;
  • Eric Daney, Assistant High School Principal, $117,045;
  • Kevin Kirby, Assistant Middle School Principal, $111,426;
  • Ron Linke, Interim Business Administrator, $106,423;
  • Paige Petrillo, Supervisor of Special Education, $100,000;
  • James Dargan, Assistant Elementary Principal (in a 10-month position), $96,673; and
  • Perry Rosado, Custodial Supervisor, $62,504.

Photo by The Posts