PECO Offers 12 Tips to Save Energy This Winter

PHILADELPHIA PA – With the holiday season upon us and colder weather due to arrive soon, PECO Energy on Monday (Dec. 13, 2021) offered “12 simple tips” to save energy and money:

Here’s its list:

  1. Monitor usage. Customers can use PECO’s MyAccount app to track energy use, set high usage alerts, get tips on reducing energy costs, and learn which appliances use the most energy.
  2. Manage your thermostat. Keep thermostats set at a comfortable level throughout heating season. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends a home heating temperature of 68°F for efficiency. You can save about 2 percent on your heating bill for every degree you lower your thermostat. When you are asleep or out of the house, try turning your thermostat back 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours to save approximately 10 percent on your heating bill.
  3. Seal it up. Reducing air leaks around floors, walls, ceilings, ducts, fireplaces, doors, windows, vents, and plumbing could cut your home’s average monthly energy bill by 10 percent. Ensure your home is properly insulated and windows and doors are sealed. Caulk around doors, windows, and any utility service openings. Use locks on your windows to make a tighter, more draft-resistant seal. Have a fireplace?; keep its damper closed when the fireplace is not in use.
  4. Warm your system. Service heating systems before temperatures drop. A well-maintained system will last longer, operate more efficiently, and save money. Potential carbon monoxide exposure is possible unless home heating equipment is properly tested, serviced, and maintained.
  5. Let the sun in. Open curtains on south-facing windows during the day. That allows sunlight to naturally heat your home. Close them at night to reduce the chill from cold windows.
  6. Get an at-home energy assessment. An at-home energy assessment, or an income-qualified free energy checkup, can increase efficiency and comfort. Receive professional advice from a PECO Energy adviser.
  7. Take PECO’s Energy Quiz. Select five statements that describe you best, and receive personalized recommendations for saving money and energy instantly. The quiz takes less than a minute to complete.
  8. Out with the old. Recycle an old but working fridge or freezer, and PECO will pick it up free and also send you $75. Upgrade to Energy Star-certified appliances to receive additional PECO.
  9. Replace bulbs with light-emitting diodes. Replace older incandescent bulbs with new energy efficient LED bulbs. PECO offers instant discounts at select retailers, or instant rebates online at the PECO Marketplace.
  10. Give a gift of energy. Spread holiday cheer by making a payment toward a friend or family member’s PECO bill. The PECO Gift of Energy will appear on a future bill as a credit to the recipient bill.
  11. Choose assistance programs. PECO offers a variety of bill relief options and assistance programs to help customers make ends meet. Learn more about available options, here.
  12. Shop around. Customers may save money by shopping for utility services from a competitive supplier. To find competitive suppliers, or learn more about the shopping process, visit the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission websites for natural gas or electricity.

Photo by The Posts