Oversized Tractor Crawled Ahead Wednesday in Township

OVERSIZED WHOA – Traffic was sparse Wednesday (Dec. 15, 2021) at around 11:15 a.m. on North Sanatoga Road, between North Pleasant View Road and East High Street, in Lower Pottsgrove. That may have been a good thing, given the movement of an oversized-load tractor-trailer combination that was headed south and down the hill on the two-lane highway near its intersections with Snell Road and, just beyond it, Crownview Road. Vehicles traveling behind the tractor, like a red-colored Nissan sedan (at top), easily moved at the same pace the combination did. Oncoming drivers, however, did their best to hug the road’s east shoulder and nearby guard rail, hoping to ensure the truck had ample berth to get past them and continue negotiating its curves following Sanatoga Creek. The trailer carried a huge storage vessel with evident pipe connections. The rig was preceded by a lights-flashing pick-up truck with another banner warning of the out-sized arrival.

Photos by The Posts