Trucks Collide with Minor Injuries on North Charlotte

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Individuals who occupied two trucks that crashed Monday (Dec. 20, 2021) around 6:23 p.m. at the intersection of North Charlotte and North Keim streets in Lower Pottsgrove suffered unspecified minor injuries, township police said at the scene. They reported at least one was taken by Goodwill Ambulance to Pottstown Hospital for treatment.

Identities of the drivers and details of the incident were not immediately available, as Lower Pottsgrove police were conducting their investigations and had not yet filed reports. Upper Pottsgrove police also assisted at the scene.

Trucks Collide with Minor Injuries on North Charlotte

The accident involved two pick-up trucks, a white-colored four-door Chevrolet Silverado LT (above) and a silver-colored Toyota Tacoma (below). The Silverado incurred disabling damage to its right rear side; the Tacoma, to its front end and engine compartment. Neither could not be driven from the location, and both were removed by Faust Towing in Gilbertsville.

Trucks Collide with Minor Injuries on North Charlotte

Fluids and debris littered the intersection, and were removed by first-responder volunteers of the Upper Pottsgrove Fire Company.

The immobile vehicles for a time blocked the southbound lane of North Charlotte, which also is part of Route 663. Montgomery County emergency dispatchers sent fire police from the Upper Pottsgrove and Ringing Hill fire companies to detour and re-route traffic on North Charlotte at both North Keim Street and Bleim Road.

A driver who wanted what he wanted

As is occasionally the case at accident locations, though, there was at least one passer-by who attempted to insist he be allowed to go through the scene rather than around it.

As responders completed their work, the driver of a four-door sedan slowly rolled up the hill on Keim, approaching North Charlotte, with his signal light indicating he wanted to make a right turn and head north on Charlotte toward Bleim. The route would have taken him into the still-active and unsecured accident area.

An Upper Pottsgrove fire police volunteer, clearly visible in light cast from a nearby fire truck, shook his head “no,” and swept his arms to point the driver left and south on Charlotte toward White Pine Lane.

The driver in the sedan stopped in front of the volunteer, still signaling for a right.

The fire police officer again pointed in the opposite direction.

The driver even slightly turned his car’s wheels to the right, seemingly ready to proceed.

For a third time, although just a little more forcefully, the fire police officer wordlessly pointed left. And, after another few seconds, that’s where the driver eventually went.

Such stand-offs happen more frequently than he’d prefer, the volunteer said later.

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