Pottstown NAACP Urges Parents to Have Children Vaccinated

Members of the Pottstown NAACP and the staff of Pottstown Pharmacy (at top) have collaborated to create walk-in COVID-19 vaccination clinics for the public

POTTSTOWN PA – “To protect the children and protect the community,” Pottstown NAACP Chapter President Johnny Corson on Friday (Dec. 24, 2021) urged parents of children of color to ensure all eligible family members, including their kids, receive vaccinations against COVID-19 and its variants as soon as possible.

COVID-19 shots are now approved by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for children age 5 and older.

Pottstown Pharmacy, its manager Nick Chigurupati, and vaccination assistant Troy Nixon – who Corson in the past has described as valuable chapter partners in the fight against the coronavirus – have set aside specific days and times to provide free vaccinations for walk-in clients without the need for an appointment.

Walk-in vaccines at Pottstown Pharmacy, 1501 E. High St., are administered Mondays through Fridays from noon to 5 p.m., and Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Chigurupati suggests, based on immunizations already administered by his business, that the borough’s African-American population may be under-represented among groups of its residents either partially or fully vaccinated. It’s also Nixon’s observation that “not many children are coming from this community.”

That’s a cause for concern and a reason for the urgency behind Corson’s message to parents, according to the chapter.

It’s also why Pottstown Pharmacy is scheduling walk-in vaccination periods daily except Sundays. Chigurupati said he recognizes appointments “may be cumbersome to make” and potentially difficult to keep for some families. Additionally, Chigurupati said, the pharmacy is doing its best to reduce wait times to 20 minutes or less.

For public convenience, the pharmacy also participated in earlier walk-in clinics held at The Ricketts Center and at the Pottstown Carousel.

Does it matter where families receive a vaccination? Absolutely not, Chigurupati acknowledged … “as long as they get it somewhere,” he added.

Photo by The Posts of a May 2021 vaccination clinic at Pottstown Carousel