Despite Sub-Freezing Temps, Township Thinks Spring

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Despite the bitter winter cold that arrived late last week and is expected to continue for a few days more, the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners is entertaining cheery thoughts of spring … and future road repairs.

Commissioners agreed last week to have the township place ads soliciting local contractors and machinery suppliers to propose bids for its rental of various pieces of equipment related to highway paving and sealing. Commissioners want to have tentative costs in hand and act on them by Feb. 24 (2022; Thursday), they said. Bids are due by Feb. 18, according to a legal advertisement published on the township’s behalf.

The needed equipment to be rented and accompanying labor to operate it supplements machinery already owned by the township. It’s cheaper to rent needed items for the short duration of intended use than to spend tens of thousands of dollars to own them, township Manager Ed Wagner has explained in years past.

  • The advertisement states the township is looking for:
  • Motorized bituminous paver with operator and screed operator;
  • 10-ton vibratory roller with operator;
  • 5-ton vibratory roller with operator;
  • Laborers (as needed) for paving work for about 136 hours;
  • Milling machine with operator for about 16 hours;
  • Tack coat truck with operator for 32 hours;
  • Water Truck with Operator for about 65 hours;
  • Backhoe with operator for 8 hours;
  • Dump trucks with operators for about 250 hours;
  • Sweeper with operator for about 32 hours;
  • Track-operated 7′ milling machine for about 32 hours;
  • Skid loader with operator with mill and broom for about 24 hours;
  • Midland SPD-8 Road Widener or equivalent; and
  • Traffic control laborers (as needed) for about 80 hours.

The township has not yet indicated what handful of its more than 36 miles of owned roads will receive attention, in whole or in part, during the year’s coming repair tasks. That announcement traditionally is made during early or mid-March.

Editor’s note: this article was updated Jan. 18 (2022) with additional information.

Photo by The Posts