M&T Bank Expands Services for Multilingual Fluency

BUFFALO NY – New York-headquartered M&T Bank, which operates local branch offices in Boyertown and Birdsboro, has expanded its services online and in some automatic teller machine (ATM) and branch locations for multilingual and cultural fluency to assist customers with limited English proficiency, it said Thursday (Jan. 13, 2022).

  • To make its digital banking tools easier to navigate for non-English speakers, the bank launched a Spanish-language website, here. It offers access to financial information and resources, including educational tools and the online ability to set appointments at a branch office;
  • M&T updated its network more than 1,600 ATMs to provide services to complete cash transactions in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and English. M&T also offers phone assistance in 240 languages at 1-800-724-2440;
  • It opened two multicultural banking centers in Pennsylvania, one at its Reading branch office at 5th and Washington Street, and the other in Chambersburg. Both offer banking and other financial services in customers’ preferred languages, and employ bankers from the community; and
  • M&T’s MyWay Banking Account was certified to meet national account feature standards that ensure local access to safe, affordable bank accounts, particularly among under-served households.

As nationwide demographics shift, M&T’s “multicultural banking initiative will help us meet the changing needs of our communities,” according to its head of multicultural banking & diverse market strategy, David Femi. “We are demonstrating our clear intention to be the bank for all communities,” he said.

Photo of M&T’s Boyertown branch office