New Hanover Students Moved Wednesday to Virtual Classes

FREDERICK PA – Staffing levels at all Boyertown Area School District buildings are being monitored by administrators, they said in a statement Wednesday (Jan. 12, 2022), after higher-than-usual employee absenteeism prompted them to move students at its New Hanover Elementary School, Big Road, to virtual learning for the day.

The district “will make decisions for the days ahead as the situations warrant,” its statement added. There was no reason offered for the absentee rate. A lack of adequate substitute coverage for absent employees was cited as the cause for requiring students to participate virtually. Officials indicated they expected the situation at New Hanover would last only one day.

As of Thursday (Jan. 13) at 4:45 a.m., there was no indication on the district website that the situation would persist for a second day.

Photo by Thomas Park via Unsplash, used under license