PA Treasury in 2021 Returns $135 Million to Rightful Owners

HARRISBURG PA – More than $135 million in unclaimed property was returned to its rightful owners during 2021, the Pennsylvania Treasury reported Tuesday (Jan. 18, 2022), as well as an assortment of 229 military decorations and memorabilia to veterans or their families.

Treasurer Stacy Garrity said she and her staff were working to return a remaining $4 billion in unclaimed property, and encouraged state residents to visit its website “to see if you have any unclaimed property waiting to be returned.”

“One-in-10 Pennsylvanians is owed unclaimed property, and the average value of a claim is $1,500,” Garrity said.

Treasury also maintains a dedicated unclaimed property database to help reunite veterans and their families with military decorations and memorabilia. The pieces returned last year included two Purple Hearts and one Bronze Star. Another 500 military honors from every branch of service, and most major conflicts, are being stored by Treasury and await distribution to those who file verified claims.

Unclaimed property held by Treasury can include dormant bank accounts, abandoned stocks, uncashed checks, and more. Property is always available for rightful owners to claim. Tangible property may be auctioned after three years, but proceeds remain available to claim in perpetuity. Military decorations and memorabilia – often turned over to Treasury from abandoned or forgotten safe deposit boxes – are never auctioned and remain in the vault for safekeeping.

Photo provided by the Pennsylvania Treasury