Love’s in the Boyertown Air During Feb. 12 Event

BOYERTOWN PA – The borough’s newest public attraction and event brings the prospect of romance to its downtown for Valentine’s Day.

“Beary Loved: A Valentine’s Stroll Through Boyertown,” has been scheduled by the non-profit Building a Better Boyertown organization for Feb. 12 (2022; Saturday) from 1-5 p.m. It’s planned as a free-to-attend “beary-loving afternoon” that includes musical performances, street-side poetry, do-it-yourself bouquet-making, sites for photo opportunities, and a pop-up bar.

Visitors will “have plenty of time to grab brunch before, or enjoy dinner after, this romantic and fun date,” promoters said. They also “can take a stroll through Lover’s Lane, and (a) Tunnel of Love, or commission street artists to create couples’ caricatures and silhouettes. The 21-and-older pop-up bar, appropriately named “Love Potion No. 9,” will set-up at the Colebrookdale Railroad yard and offer Valentine’s Day-themed drinks.

“Stop in at one of (the borough’s) many unique shops to find that perfect gift for your special someone, … choose the perfect restaurant to sit across from the person you love,” and then see a movie at The State Theater, Building a Better Boyertown suggested.

Beary Loved can “show your significant other everything a card can’t say,” it added.

Graphic provided by Building A Better Boyertown