Limerick Endorses Gambone Waiver at Corporate Center

Gambone engineering representative Rolph Graf (at top right) talks Tuesday with board of supervisors’ Vice Chair Michael J. McCloskey III (at top left)

LIMERICK PA – The Gambone Group, developers of the Linfield Corporate Center on the north side of Limerick Road, won an endorsement Tuesday (Jan. 18, 2022) from the Limerick Board of Supervisors that will allow it to more easily configure buildings on three adjacent lots within the industrial and office park.

Supervisors and township engineering representative Khaled Hassan said they were “on the same page” with Gambone and its engineer Rolph Graf in the developer’s anticipated request for a Zoning Board of Appeals waiver. The company will ask the zoning board to accept landscape buffer zone widths of 10 feet, rather than 25 feet, on the perimeters of projects at Lots 21-23 along Keystone Boulevard.

The first proposed project, Graf said, likely will involve a warehouse of about 40,000 square feet. The 10-foot buffer is considered “low intensity,” he added, and requires a minimal number of trees and shrubbery along specific lengths. In at least one area between adjoining projects, however, Graf said Gambone would install two 10-foot buffers for a total depth of 20 feet and more intense screening.

Shrinking the buffers also would create space for Gambone to install “a connection” to give fire companies greater access to the rear side of buildings on the lots, as earlier requested by the township Fire Marshal’s Office, Graf explained.

The lower width requirement appears in township zoning law; the higher width, in its subdivision ordinance. The discrepancy prompted supervisors’ Chair Ken Sperring to ask the township staff to review both laws and determine if any future changes were necessary.

Sperring joined his colleagues in agreeing to let Gambone seek a waiver for the lesser width, but added it was only because the projects were commercial in nature. Had a smaller buffer been sought for a residential development, Sperring said he would have opposed it.

Photo from Facebook video provided by Limerick Township