Redner’s Offers Pay Hike as Omicron Exposure Worsens

BLANDON PA – Redner’s Markets, which operates 13 local grocery and convenience store locations and more than 50 others across Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, has again temporarily raised the wages it pays hourly employees for their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic, its corporate office announced Tuesday (Jan. 18, 2022).

For the interim, the increase offers an extra $1 per hour worked for all front-line staff, it reported. A potential end date for the temporary increase was not mentioned.

“We are adding the temporary pay to recognize the extraordinary efforts of our front-line associates, as they continue to work through extremely difficult circumstances,” company Vice President of Human Resources Robert McDonough said. “Labor shortages and COVID-related absence and illness continue to plague our business, and those still out there on the front lines have earned the added pay.”

The company said its mission was to “create rewarding experiences by being a great place to shop and work.” To that end, McDonough added, “the Redner family felt this was only appropriate way to thank our associates for their dedicated service and commitment.”

The company offered a similar temporary increase in March 2020.

Photo by The Posts