Pottsgrove, Giant Continue Vaccine Partnership

Pottsgrove, Giant Continue Vaccine Partnership

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Young Collin Thompson (at right) proclaimed himself a happy camper Tuesday (Jan. 25, 2022), for three reasons. He got vaccinated against COVID-19 and it didn’t hurt, he said. He picked up some congratulatory gifts for his efforts; a lollipop, and a miniature, yellow, squeezable plastic dog. Its squeezability was particularly attractive, as Collin demonstrated.

And, according to Pharmacy Technician Brenda Semach, he was the first of 57 children between the ages of 5 and 11 who were scheduled to receive vaccinations during a three-hour clinic at Pottsgrove High School. “First,” Collin repeated, and squeezed the dog again. Collin’s dad, Matt Thompson of Sanatoga, smiled in response.

Semach and several other representatives of Giant Pharmacy were on hand, both in the high school cafeteria and a nearby classroom, to administer the vaccines (at top) and keep watch on their patients for adverse reactions during the 15-minute waiting period that followed. Collin and the other children vaccinated are scheduled to return in mid-February for their second doses.

For other students and area residents who still are looking to receive initial vaccinations or boosters, there’s news as good – well, maybe almost as good, from Collin’s point of view – as the comfort of a squeeze. The Pottsgrove School District and Giant pharmacies are continuing their partnership in planning other clinics.

Pfizer boosters for age 12 and older

The next clinic, offering free Pfizer COVID-19 booster vaccinations intended for individuals age 12 and older, will be conducted Monday (Jan. 31) from 3-6 p.m., again the high school, 1345 Kauffman Rd. Because the clinic will be held only by appointment, obtaining a vaccination requires advance scheduling through an online portal at Giant, here. Use the zip code “19464” to register.

Registration is open to both Pottsgrove residents and also those living outside the district. Booster vaccines only are available Monday on first-come first-served basis, so those interested are asked to sign up promptly for children and adults to receive this protection.

Those with appointments are asked to enter the cafeteria from its entrance on the building’s west side, near the tennis courts.

The clinic will be operated by Giant’s Pharmacy Group. An informed consent form must be completed by parents before their children receive the vaccine. Families should be aware that state law requires a parent or guardian to accompany any student younger than age 18 throughout the clinic, as well as during a post-vaccination waiting period.

For more information or if questions arise, contact district Director of Community Relations Gary DeRenzo by sending an e-mail to gderenzo@pgsd.org.

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