Got Opinions About OJR Schools? District’s Listening

POTTSTOWN PA – Officials in the Owen J. Roberts School District have scheduled two online focus group sessions – one for parents and guardians and the second for the community at large – to determine how the district is perceived by its stakeholders and how it can improve communications with the public. It’s enlisted the help of the Chester County Intermediate Unit to accomplish the task.

A notice posted on the district’s website said it wants to “hear from our families and community … about what (it) is doing well in regard to communications, and where we can improve.” Its virtual “communications audit” meetings, conducted on Zoom, are set for Feb. 28 (2022, Monday) from 6:30-7:30 p.m. for the parents’ group, and March 9 (Wednesday), also from 6:30-7:30 p.m., for the community group.

These events have been added to The Posts’ calendar.

Registration to participate is available online now for parents, here. They’ve already been notified of the opportunity through e-mails, the district said. Members of the public interested in participating in the second session are asked to register by March 8, here.

From both, the district reportedly hopes to learn:

  • What types of communications participants currently receive from OJR;
  • What more they want to know about the district;
  • What they currently think and feel about OJR;
  • How they currently interact with the district; and
  • What they believe the district could “do to achieve better partnership outcomes.”

Photo by Alla Serebrina via Deposit Photos, used under license