Physical Therapy Services Added at Barto Office

BARTO PA – Physical therapy services that include medication-free alternatives to pain relief are now being offered by Community Health & Dental Care at its Barto Health Center, 1315 Route 100 North, it reported.

The physical therapy suite at Barto is equipped with MR4 Laserstim, a technology that uses cold lasers to promote the natural healing, according to physical therapist Matthew Musket, DPT. It can reduce bruises and swelling in a few days, lessen or eliminate pain, and slow or reverse neuropathy, he said.

“It’s great technology without side effects,” Musket claimed, and “a tremendous additive to our personalized physical therapy plan of care for clients’ functional ailments.”

Additional physical therapy services offered at the Barto location include individually prescribed therapeutic exercises to address functional impairments and medical condition, manual therapy, treatments to decrease pain without opioids or medicines and retain movement patterns, and compassionate education and support to manage disabilities during rehabilitation.

The provider opened its Barto health center in September 2020. Its physical therapy providers are accepting new patients. For more information, call 610-326-9460.

Back pain photo by Artur Verkhovetskiy via Deposit Photos, used under license