Pottstown Rail Crossing Gates Lower Prematurely

Pottstown Rail Crossing Gates Lower Prematurely
Flashing lights and warning signs lit up the area above South Hanover Street at Security Plaza Drive, anticipating a train arrival

POTTSTOWN PA – Railroad crossing gates, intended to protect vehicles and pedestrians from oncoming trains as they roll across South Hanover Street just south of Queen Street, lowered prematurely Friday (March 18, 2022) at about 6:50 p.m., Montgomery County emergency dispatchers reported. They sent several local fire police units to redirect travelers until the barriers were raised.

A train did finally pass by, but about 15 minutes after the gates came down and warning lights began flashing.

Fire police officers at the scene claimed Friday’s incident, whether electrical or mechanical in nature, was the latest in a series of similar problems that had occurred at the same location in recent days. They also said Norfolk Southern railroad officials were telephoned from the scene in an effort to alert them to the situation.

Nearby downtown traffic lights also were affected, according to dispatchers, at the intersection of High and Hanover streets, and Hanover and Industrial Highway. Responding at dispatchers’ request were fire police from Pottstown, Sanatoga, Ringing Hill, and Upper Pottsgrove.

Pottstown Rail Crossing Gates Lower Prematurely
A train sped by on tracks across South Hanover, about 15 minutes after crossing gates lowered. Bicyclists and pedestrians waited patiently for it to pass

Only minutes after the lengthy train – with three engines pulling dozens of tankers and other freight-laden cars – sped past Security Plaza, the lights stopped flashing and the gates lifted. Fire police began leaving the area at 7:23 p.m.

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