NAACP Calls for ‘Equal, Humane’ Refugee Treatment

POTTSTOWN PA – The Pottstown branch of the NAACP joined other civil rights organizations in calling on all government parties involved in or affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine “to assure equal and humane treatment of all who seek refuge from the conflict,” it said in a statement issued Friday (March 18, 2022).

Here is its statement in its entirety:

“The Pottstown NAACP is saddened by the senseless Russian invasion of Ukraine, and we condemn the Russian Government for its brutality and ruthlessness against the Ukrainian people. Our hearts go out to them in this hour of desperation.”

“In addition, we express our strongest disapproval for the treatment in Ukraine of Black families, including women, children and immigrants from the African diaspora, who are seeking to evacuate the regions of deadly fighting. Press reports indicate that many, while fleeing the violence, are being pushed from trains and beaten by Ukranian police.”

“The NAACP and other civil rights organizations urge the European Commission and the Ukrainian Government to take action to assure equal and humane treatment of all who seek refuge from the conflict. Both Ukranian and Russian authorities have that duty.”

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a reminder that we cannot let down our guard against persecution, oppression, and tyranny wherever it may occur. The fight against hatred, prejudice, and racial injustice is at the core of the NAACP mission. We condemn the torment of innocent people based on nothing more than who they are.”

Image by Ukranian photographer Igor Vetushko via Deposit Photos, used under license