Textile Artist Presents Works, Comments to Guild Members

POTTSTOWN PA – Libby Cerullo, a self-taught textile artist who combines digital photography and fabrics, is scheduled as the Pottstown Area Artists Guild featured speaker April 19 (2022; Tuesday) beginning at 7 p.m. in the Boyer Gallery of The Hill School Center for the Arts, 766 Beech St., and also on Zoom.

Cerullo said her talk will focus on her series “Portraits of Women as Trees,” and intends to speak “about the conceptual and technical process of how my images emerged, and how that series is changing.” She also will “also touch on some experiments in identity through the lens of the nature, as though the natural elements have the agency of the artist.”

Her work with textiles started in 2010 as a practical issue, and became a passion. Part of their appeal, she said, the construction techniques she uses: transparency, image manipulation, collage, layering, and cut-outs. Those are “interesting in the context of portraiture as metaphors for self-expression and perception,” Cerullo added.

Cerullo’s work “is portraiture at its foundation, using nature and natural elements to explore identity, relationships, and culture.” In addition to “Portraits of Women as Trees” she is concurrently developing two other series, “7 Modern Sins,” and “Global Warming.” Each, she noted, offers “with very different design approaches, (and) reflect on identity, relationships, and culture.”

For more information on her presentation see the Guild’s webpage, here.

Textile Artist Presents Works, Comments to Guild Members

Cerullo artwork images provided by the Pottstown Area Artists Guild