Cat, Rescued from Smoky Building, Decided to Stay There

WEST POTTSGROVE PA – A domestic cat (at top) rescued Tuesday (April 12, 2022) from the 313 Old Reading Pike fire in West Pottsgrove Township, refused to stay with first responders. After they began packing to leave it decided to do the same, and successfully bolted back into the damaged and emptied building despite efforts to catch it.

The cat had been brought from the building during the course of the response by area departments and companies to fire dispatchers’ emergency calls. For a few minutes outside it accepted being cradled in the arms, and then resting atop the shoulder, of a Ringing Hill Fire Company volunteer.

Cat, Rescued from Building, Decided to Stay There

It peered from shoulder-height out at the bustle of first responders, was bombarded by the noise of their equipment and work, and endured water spraying from nearby hoses. It seemed to look around (above) for someone, anyone, it recognized. And it then appeared to decide it didn’t want to stay where it was.

Cat, Rescued from Building, Decided to Stay There

The cat scrambled and clawed toward the firefighter’s shoulder, neck, and face (above), while twisting and curling its body in his grip. It broke free, then leaped at the building’s front door. It was closed.

The animal ran along the front of the building east toward its corner, tried twice but couldn’t get through window openings, then turned the corner and finally scooted up a set of stairs and into the structure through an open side door.

A firefighter chasing the cat gave up as it disappeared into the darkened interior.

Photos by The Post