Ciresi Offers Easy Way to Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions

HARRISBURG PA – A proposed “click-to-cancel” state law would require service providers to notify customers before each automatic renewal of a service, to be transparent about renewal terms, and to allow consumers to cancel subscription services exclusively online if that’s where they first subscribed.

The legislation, House Bill 2511, was introduced Wednesday (April 13, 2022) with bipartisan support by 146th House District Rep. Joe Ciresi and has been referred to the state’s House Consumer Affairs Committee.

Ciresi said the proposal would amend the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act to make consumers aware of their active subscriptions and their renewal terms, and empower them to easily cancel subscriptions. If passed, he added, state consumers would be better protected from subscription practices that burden them with fees for subscriptions they no longer want or may have forgotten.

“I firmly believe subscriptions should be transparent and easy to understand, and that consumers should be able to cancel them as easily” as they started them, he said.

Photo of the state Capitol in Harrisburg by The Posts