Dana Inc. EV Solutions Growing, Earth Day Report Says

MAUMEE OH – Dana Inc., which operates a major manufacturing facility at Center Avenue and South Keim Street in Pottstown (at top), issued an annual Sustainability and Social Responsibility Report on Friday (Earth Day, April 22, 2022) that promoted its growing “commitment” to the creation of electric vehicles and “protecting the planet.”

Dana said it was capable of the “vertically integrated technical competence to design, engineer, and manufacture components of a complete e-Propulsion system across all mobility markets.” As evidence of the market demand, the company said new business sales from its clean-energy technology products were backlogged through 2024.

The company’s “conventional and clean-energy solutions … support nearly every vehicle manufacturer with drive and motion systems,” the report added.

“We are focused on leading by example with the delivery of clean-energy technologies that are powering vehicles and machines throughout the world,” company Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer Doug Liedberg said. “From sourcing and manufacturing to delivery and end-use, we are committed to transparent and sustainable operations that maximize efficiency, reduce consumption, and support our customers’ sustainability priorities.”

The report also said Dana had been nationally and globally been recognized for its sustainability initiatives, participated in a long-term renewable energy agreement to reduce its current United States annual greenhouse gas emissions from electricity production, and expanded its worldwide use of advanced, energy-efficient production processes to reduce water consumption and waste.

A copy of the report is available for download from Dana’s website, here.

Photo by The Posts