Pottsgrove Students Reveal Their Passion at Color Day

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – “Did you see that?,” Pottsgrove School District Athletics Director Steve Anspach asked. “That’s some passion!,” he exhaled, and smiled. “That’s leaving it all out there on the floor!”

Anspach was referring to one specific contest between senior and junior classes during the Friday morning (April 29) hours of Color Day 2022 in the Pottsgrove High School gymnasium. Color Day is an annual celebration of school tradition, culture, and – yes, most certainly – athleticism intended to give students a break from the hum-drum grind of completing state-required academic tests.

Truth be told, Anspach could have pointed to any of the day’s many competitions and said exactly the same thing about each.

Administrators, faculty members, and students worked for weeks to plan for the post-pandemic return of Color Day activities, Anspach explained. He reported their enthusiasm for the task was not just evident, but overwhelming. Planning groups and classmates alike “were psyched,” he said. “They’ve been waiting for this.”

The patient wait ended Friday at 8 a.m. Student sentiments echoed across the school building in shouts of encouragement, screams of joy and frustration, and applause for both the winners and near-winners. Probably all were heard loudest, though, in the main gym and nearby auxiliary gym. See what Pottsgrove passion looked like there, in the video above or at The Post’s YouTube channel, here.

  • The Post spent portions of Friday wandering in and out of Pottsgrove’s 2022 Color Day activities. Read an earlier story it published Friday about seniors who spoke about this year’s event theme, “Navigating Change.”

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How Well Do You Cope With Change? Students Offer Tips

How Well Do You Cope With Change? Students Offer Tips

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – “Navigating Change,” the topic on which 10 Pottsgrove High School seniors (above) offered their thoughts Friday morning (April 29, 2022) during Color Day ceremonies in the school auditorium, is rarely an easy process. It’s fraught with perils, pitfalls, personal insecurities and, possibly worst, the unknown, they each acknowledged.

But speaker after speaker urged their classmates to strengthen themselves by embracing change, and to appreciate its positive effects on their lives.

One speaker candidly discussed how family problems and changing conditions in her household led her to understand how she could ease personal tension, and reclaim good spirits, by accepting and in some instances turning change to her advantage. Another talked about changes among his circle of friends that led him to even more helpful companions.

All were received warmly by an auditorium packed by fellow students, some of whom probably welcomed suggestions from their peers as they deal with their own struggles against change.

  • The Post spent portions of Friday wandering in and out of Pottsgrove’s 2022 Color Day activities. Read an earlier story it published Friday about the event, its history, and how students are engaging in it.

Pottsgrove Students Indulge in ‘Color Day’ Competitions

Pottsgrove Students Indulge in 'Color Day' Test Break

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Color Day 2022, the 66th annual celebration of tradition, history, and spirit in the Pottsgrove School District, will open Friday (April 29) with the 8 a.m. start of school at Pottsgrove High on Kauffman Road, and continue with activities beyond 2 p.m. Its theme this year is “Navigating Change.”

The day kicks off with a formal ceremony in the high school auditorium, during which students will hear presentations from distinguished high school alumni, as well as personal thoughts from 10 senior leaders, Superintendent Dr. David Finnerty said. It will be followed by:

  • A morning schedule that includes Quiz Bowl, table tennis, mini-golf prelims, volleyball, co-ed volleyball, 3-on-3 basketball, male and female dodgeball, floor hockey, tchoukball, and male and female volleyball; and
  • An afternoon schedule that involves finals in most of the listed sports, as well as a spelling bee, chess, ultimate frisbee, bench press finals, push-ups and sit-ups, a Rubik’s Cube race, maroon mile, knockout, double dutch, grand prix scooter races, knee basketball, relay races, a tire pull, and a tug of war.

A class champion – freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors – will be named by day’s end.

The competitions are welcomed as a relief from a week of sessions students must endure to complete Pennsylvania’s state standardized academic testing. Seniors traditionally have an edge in winning the Color Day title, former students claim, but each class is as different as every year and any class can emerge as champion, they added.

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