Catalytic Converter Thefts Alleged at Chick-fil-A Stores

LIMERICK PA – Chick-fil-A franchise restaurants on West Lightcap Road in the Gateway at Sanatoga shopping center, and on Buckwalter Road in the Limerick Square shopping center, both had catalytic converters stolen from catering vans parked on their lots, they reported Wednesday (May 4, 2022) on their respective Facebook pages.

The identical reports show looping surveillance video of what is believed to be a Kia Optima, allegedly driven by the thieves, as it moved Tuesday night (May 3) across the Gateway at Sanatoga parking lot. They also include two photos of the vehicle. The company said “multiple” Chick-fil-A stores also were victims, but it did not mention specific locations for the others.

The converter thefts were reported to the Limerick Township Police Department, according to the posts. The department Facebook page did not include a reference to the crime as of Thursday (May 5) at 5:15 a.m.

“Let’s help the police put an end to this,” Chick-fil-A’s Facebook reports asked their readers. “If you have any information, please contact the Limerick Police.” The department, with offices at 646 W. Ridge Pike, can be called at 610-495-7909.

Catalytic converter thefts have become increasingly common in recent years, as the value of metals they contain brings a high return in the scrap market, according to experts cited by the British Broadcasting Corp.

Catalytic converters change harmful vehicle emission compounds like nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide into safe gases before being released into the atmosphere as exhaust, the Universal Technical Institute states. The conversion process in part relies on contain precious metals that include rhodium, palladium, and platinum.

Photo from the Facebook page of Chick-fil-A at the Gateway At Sanatoga