Pottsgrove MS Musicians Returned Tuesday to Perform Live

UPPER POTTSGROVE PA – Pottsgrove Middle School musicians returned to a live concert stage Tuesday (May 3, 2022) for the first time in three years, and earned rousing applause with performances from band and ensemble members who director Ben Hayes claimed were among the best he’s taught for some time.

The school’s percussion and flute ensembles, and jazz and concert bands, offered a program of 11 pieces, with rhythms ranging from the foot-stomping to the contemplative. An appreciative audience spread itself across several sections of the school auditorium. Many held cell phones and video recorders aloft, seeking maximum visibility of students who were family members, relatives, neighbors, and friends.

The Post was there too, as in the past, but this year’s experience was somewhat new for it. For the first time two video cameras were used to record pieces with, admittedly, varying results. The audio tracks on all four (above and below) are, however, just as they were heard during the concert:

  • “On Broadway,” by the Jazz Band;
  • “Lullaby to the Moon,” by the Concert Band;
  • A portion of “Portrait of a Kid,” by the Percussion Ensemble; and
  • “First Dew,” by Lauren Houk and Haley Harner of the Flute Ensemble.

As he distributed this year’s band awards, Hayes told the audience he was particularly proud of his eighth grade students. They worked hard, offered a wealth of talent, and made choosing award winners difficult, he said.

The concert does not represent the group’s last notes. Students are scheduled to play and march again this year as part of the Pottstown Memorial Day Parade.

Photos and video by The Post