Township Considers Law to Reduce Fire Company Costs

A container of oil-drying grit (at top) fills beside a volunteer at work on a Ringing Hill fire truck following a December 2021 accident response on East High Street

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – A proposed “emergency response ordinance” that would allow the Sanatoga and Ringing Hill fire companies to bill insurance companies for clean-up supplies and services that often occur following automobile accidents, in which materials leak or spill onto highways, is soon to be considered by the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners.

Commissioner Robert Mohollen said the fire companies currently pay for absorbent grit and similar materials to help soak up oil, fuel, and other fluids that spill onto roads after motor vehicle crashes. The township could “help out their budgets quite a bit” if it gave fire companies the ability to bill insurers, but that requires enacting a township law, he added.

Most insurers agree to pay such bills as the cost of accident remediation, Mohollen noted.

Fire company representatives have already discussed their needs with Mohollen, and have collected sample ordinances for the board to review. Commissioners are likely to ask township Solicitor Jamie Ottaviano to begin working on the proposal sometime during June, they said.

Photo by The Post