Casino Patron Repays Winnings Cashed on Missing Voucher

KING OF PRUSSIA PA – A Chester County resident and casino patron allegedly cashed a winnings voucher that did not belong to him, according to a report issued Tuesday (May 10, 2022) by Pennsylvania State Police from the Troop K Barracks in Skippack.

Troopers, working on behalf of the state Bureau of Gaming Enforcement at the Valley Forge Casino Resort on First Avenue, said they were contacted May 4 (Wednesday) at 12:32 p.m. by casino security personnel. Casino employees had received what amounted to a potential theft complaint; they said an unidentified player had lost, or had stolen, a voucher ticket with monetary value.

The player was hoping to have it returned.

Although the phrase “finders keepers, losers weepers” remains in popular culture, there’s actually a Pennsylvania law against walking away with someone else’s goods … even if they appear to have been abandoned. It’s called “theft of lost or mislaid property.”

Troopers conducted a review of casino video surveillance footage, which “revealed a suspect cash-in of the ticket and leave the casino.” They also identified the suspect, a 61-year-old Phoenixville man, and “contacted him regarding this incident.” Their report does not explain the circumstances in which the alleged offender came by the voucher, or if charges were pressed.

The report added, however, that “the suspect immediately paid full restitution.”

Photo by The Post