Housing Visions Looks to Repeat Its Pottstown Success

POTTSTOWN PA – Entire communities benefit, Ben Lockwood (at top and below) believes, when organizations work together to create affordable housing. His prime example, he noted Saturday (May 14, 2022) during the Hobart’s Run Neighborhood Summit (below) in Pottstown, is the borough’s Beech Street Factory lofts project, 341 Beech St., in which Lockwood himself played a major role.

Housing Visions Looks to Repeat Its Pottstown Success

Lockwood is president and co-founder of Housing Visions in Syracuse NY, a non-profit group that works to create below-market accommodations. His organization was a key part of the partnership that led to the historic restoration of a vacant furniture warehouse to become the apartments. And, he proudly told the summit audience of more than 40 people, it’s “one of the best examples of our model.”

Housing Visions Looks to Repeat Its Pottstown Success

Housing Visions worked closely with Genesis Housing Corporation, ArtFusion 19464, and other Pottstown organizations to open Beech Street in 2017.

Adding affordable housing to places like Pottstown helps create “mixed income communities with people from different walks of life – which really helps create strong neighborhoods,” Lockwood said. “Affordable housing contributes to urban revitalization in many ways,” from providing stability to children attending local schools, to providing conditions that contribute to residents’ steady employment.

Lockwood said there is a clear need for more affordable housing within the area. Housing Visions is looking for other project sites and partners in Montgomery County, he added.

Read more about the summit in an article by writer Christine Tarlecki published May 20 (2022) by Vista Today.

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