Middle School Student Wins Fire Company Design Contest

UPPER POTTSGROVE’S WINNING NEW PATCH – Pottsgrove Middle School student Keegan Hartzell (at top) has been chosen as the winner of a recent contest in which Upper Pottsgrove Fire Company #1 partnered with the Pottsgrove School District to create a new patch for the fire company’s uniforms. Hartzell’s design features a traditional Maltese cross with the company name and an image of crossed axes at the center, surrounded by (clockwise from top) images of the American flag, a hydrant, the words “Saving Lives Since 1949”, and a ladder. Company representatives, including former township Commissioner Martin Schreiber, said theirs was “a very difficult decision on picking the future patch” from among 14 separate submissions. They thanked and congratulated Hartzell for the accomplishment, and his fellow student artists for their efforts.

Photo and logo image provided by the Pottsgrove School District