Knoll Furniture Debuts New Designs in Chicago Exhibit

EAST GREENVILLE PA – New office furniture pieces by designers by Antenna Design, Marc Newson, Dan Grabowski, and Piero Lissoni – all created for Knoll Inc., the internationally known furniture and textiles firm operating in East Greenville – are being presented June 13-15 during a special exhibit in Chicago (at top), the company reported Monday (June 6, 2022).

Its “Welcoming Spaces for Work Anywhere” collection will be part of the first MillerKnoll Design Days showcase at Chicago’s Fulton Market. It features what the company calls “a variety of settings for hybrid work that support connection, forge culture, and foster collaboration.” Its intent, Knoll said, is to illustrate “the power of hospitality in today’s workplace.”

After more than two years of work-from-home and limited time in the office, companies are planning returns with “a successful hybrid experience” in mind, Knoll indicated. It is introducing “Welcoming Spaces” as a way to “blur the lines between office and home, with solutions for remote, hybrid and resident workers.”

“As companies have embraced hybrid work solutions, the communal vibrancy of a welcoming workplace is more important than ever,” according to Knoll Brand President Alana Stevens.

Photo by Clay Banks via Unsplash, used under license