Main Turbine Inspection, Refueling Complete at Limerick

LIMERICK PA – Constellation Energy’s nuclear power facility at the Limerick Generating Station, 3146 Sanatoga Rd., was among several sites at which an army of workers recently completed spring maintenance projects, the company reported Friday (June 10, 2022).

As part of its periodic refueling at Limerick and elsewhere, workers replaced “about one-third of the fuel in each reactor,” according to its announcement. They also “replaced or refurbished dozens of pumps and motors, performed quality assurance inspections on reactor and fuel components, and completed tens of thousands of other technical tasks,” Constellation said.

Specifically at Limerick, “technical experts performed a full inspection of the main turbine” there, it added.

Constellation described the overall effort as an investment into “cutting-edge upgrades and preventive maintenance” across its nuclear power plants. The work involved more than 13,000 people system-wide, it claimed.

Photo by The Post