PECO Plans Lower Pottsgrove, Pottstown Electric Upgrades

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – PECO Energy will spend a portion of $1.36 billion, an amount budgeted for infrastructure improvements through 2025 across its service areas, to beef up electricity delivery systems along four Lower Pottsgrove highways, the township Board of Commissioners learned during its Thursday (June 9, 2022) meeting.

The improvement work is scheduled to being later this month, and will affect parts of North Charlotte Street, Kauffman Road, Orlando Road, and Maugers Mill Road, PECO stated in a letter distributed to board members. Also benefiting from similar work, it added, will be Charlotte Street, Franklin Street, and Wilson Street in Pottstown Borough, it added.

PECO estimated its local investment at $2.5 million. That covers the costs of:

  • Upgrading existing lower voltage circuits to high voltages that will “better meet customer needs;”
  • Upgrading and installing new equipment, including poles and aerial wires;
  • Installing specialized equipment “that can automatically restore service or isolate damages;” and
  • Improving reliability by reducing the frequency of power outages and minimizing their duration.

The work will occur in two phases, PECO stated in its May 25 letter. The first involve tree and limb clearing for some installations. That’s expected to begin later this month. The second phase, installation for and construction related to the improvements, is anticipated to start sometime in July and be completed by the end of November.

Both PECO crews and PECO-qualified contractors will perform the work, it added.

The company acknowledged crews “may need to temporarily interrupt service to safely complete some of this work.” It pledged to “work with local residents to ensure they are informed in advance of our activities and any planned interruptions.” It asked PECO customers to ensure phone numbers on their accounts were updated and correct, so they can be contacted in case an outage is planned.

PECO Regional Electrical Operations Director Chantee Angus also recognized the work could occasionally affect traffic and pedestrians in the selected areas. Angus promised PECO would “work closely with local officials to minimize” any effects. Access for services like trash removal, student transportation, and emergency vehicles “will be maintained during construction,” PECO added.

Photo by The Post