Upper Providence Debuts Mapped Crime Data for Public Use

UPPER PROVIDENCE PA – Residents of Upper Providence neighborhoods gained access Wednesday (June 15, 2022) to “near real-time” maps displaying “crime and criminal activity in their area,” township Police Chief Mark Freeman reported. He called the feature, available from the police department’s CrimeWatch website, a “long overdue” effort for “transparency to police incident responses.”

The crime mapping and analysis system (at top) shows a periodically updated map of the township that can be adjusted or “filtered” to show specific types of crimes, dates, or sources. The system indicates it contains data pertaining to crimes within the township that occurred during the past five years. Find it online here.

An initial map displays a series of circles and a number within each circle. Clicking any circle results in a new map that displays other circles pinpointing department call responses on specific streets or neighborhoods. The ability to drill down allows prospective home buyers, for example, to determine what if any criminal activity occurred on streets where a property purchase is being considered.

CrimeWatch also indicated its map controls allow viewers to change the map style, enable crime “heat mapping,” view individual incident details, and view in multiple languages.

Beyond publicly viewable maps, CrimeWatch noted, “additional analysis views are available only to law enforcement users. These services allow the police department to quickly analyze incident data to identify potential crime trends and other patterns found with criminal activity.”

“This is yet another tool that will allow the police department to be transparent with our community. With this new crime mapping system, our residents can see street-level views of verified incidents,” Freeman said. The system is free to use and available to the public. Those interested can register to receive e-mailed notifications from the department for specific activity.

Photo provided by the Upper Providence CrimeWatch website