Sullivan Resigns from S-F School Board; Successor Sought

ROYERSFORD PA – Diane Sullivan (at top), a member of the Spring-Ford Area school board since December 2019, resigned from that position Monday (June 20, 2022), via an e-mail, effective immediately. Now the board must begin the process to find and interview candidates for Sullivan’s successor, and within 30 days choose one to fill her remaining term of office through December 2023.

Sullivan, who represented the district’s Region III residents, cited “significant health issues” as the reason for her departure, in the e-mail received Monday afternoon after 4 p.m. by board President Dr. Margaret D. Wright.

Watch a video of the board work session, timed to start at the resignation discussion, above; or see it at the Ram County TV YouTube channel, here.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the district and the community in this role, along with the other members of the board and the administration,” Sullivan wrote in the e-mail Wright read aloud to the board near the end of its meeting. “I have confidence that the board will pursue the best interest of the students and faculty through your decisions and actions moving forward,” she added.

Her colleagues formally accepted Sullivan’s resignation in a unanimous vote. Wright said she believed directors felt “the loss of Mrs. Sullivan as part of the board.” Director Gabrielle Deardorff acknowledged Sullivan’s years of service, offered her best wishes, and thanked her “for your service on this board.”

Choosing Sullivan’s successor

Applicants interested in filling the remaining term must live in Region III, be at least 18 years of age, and have been residents of the Spring-Ford Area School District for at least one year, the district solicitor said. If they meet those requirements, they are being asked to submit a letter of interest and a resume. They’re also being encouraged include any information they feel helps support their application to serve as a board member.

Region III, according to the district website, consists of portions of Royersford in which voters are served by polling places at Grace Lutheran Church and Golden Age Manor; portions of Limerick served by polling places at Linfield and Brooke Elementary School; and Spring City.

Applications will be accepted until July 6 (Wednesday).

  • Electronic (e-mail) applications will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. and should be sent to Board Secretary Laurie Bickert at
  • Hand-delivered or mailed applications will be accepted until only 4:30 p.m., when the district office closes. They should be addressed to Spring-Ford Area School District, Administration Building, Attn: Board Secretary Laurie Bickert, 857 S. Lewis Road, Royersford PA 19468.

The board intends to hold a special and publicly open meeting July 11 (Monday) at 7:30 p.m. solely to interview candidates and, once finished, to vote on filling the vacancy. Applicants must be present in-person for their interviews, board members agreed. No interviews will be conducted electronically, they decided.

Reactions of surprise

Several board members expressed their surprise at Sullivan’s announcement. Director David Shafer also contended they should have been told earlier Monday of the resignation.

“Why are we waiting until the end of the meeting to say that a board member has resigned, when you knew about this and we were all together in executive session?,” Shafer asked of Wright. “Board comments normally are like, anything and everything, not like ‘hey, by the way, a colleague has resigned, FYI,'” he continued.

“I will say I do wish we had found out at a different time,” director Colleen Zasowski later agreed.

Photos provided by the Spring-Ford Area School District