Home Food Preservation Workshop Teaches Canning Basics

COLLEGEVILLE PA – A hands-on workshop that will teach gardeners, cooks and anyone else how to pressure-can food at home will be held July 6 (Wednesday) at 5:30 p.m. in Montgomery County’s Penn State Extension Office, 1015 Bridge Rd. A $15 admission cost includes all program material.

Nutrition and Food Safety Educator Mandel Smith says pressure canning “is the only safe way to can low-acid foods, such as vegetables and meats.” Workshop participants will learn the science behind pressure canning recommendations, as well as the basics of using a pressure canner. Current U.S. Department of Agriculture canning guidelines will be emphasized.

Advance registration is requested. Register online, here, or by calling the toll-free Penn State Extension registration phone number, 877-345-0691. For more information about, or questions regarding, the workshop call Smith at 610-489-4315 or send her an e-mail to mjs52@psu.edu.

Photo provided by Penn State Extension