Pottstown Medical Practice Offers Access to Clinical Trials

BUFFALO NY – Circuit Clinical, a Buffalo-based research network, said Tuesday (June 28, 2022) it had partnered with Pottstown Medical Specialists Inc. (PMSI) to offer clinical trial opportunities to residents across Montgomery, Berks and Chester counties.

PMSI physicians will work with Circuit Clinical to help their patients access participation to clinical trials provided by Labcorp for research in illnesses and drug development. Labcorp said it is a “long-established primary provider of clinical laboratory diagnostics for PMSI.”

PMSI Medical Director Dr. Wade Brosius suggested the program could position the region as a destination for medical research and advancements. As a family medical practice formed more than 40 years ago, PMSI is “pleased to now bring clinical research into our own backyard to better serve our patients’ needs,” Brosius said. It operates offices in Pottstown, Stowe, Boyertown, Royersford, and Collegeville.

The program and an accompanying website, TrialJourney.com, helps patients find research availabilities for 46 currently listed medical conditions, including nine different types of cancer. It offers hybrid care options, using telemedicine, in what are known as decentralized clinical trials. In part they limit the need for transportation as an obstacle to participation.

Some trials also offer extra care visits without co-pays. In others, participants who qualify may also be compensated for their time and travel.

“PMSI will quickly be provided access to clinical trials, and undergo training on platforms that will bring them up to speed,” of Circuit Clinical CEO Dr. Irfan Khan pledged.

“By expanding access to clinical trials for PMSI patients and providers through Circuit Clinical, we are also potentially enabling better clinical outcomes and creating value for all participants,” Bill Haas, senior vice president of Labcorp Diagnostic’s Northeast Division, observed.

Photo by Vitalik Radko via Deposit Photos, used under license