Go Fish!, Unlicensed, on Independence Day Only in State

HARRISBURG PA – Pennsylvania’s Fish and Boat Commission offered only two “Fish-For-Free” days during 2022. One of them – Sunday, May 29 – has already come and gone, but the second and final chance lies ahead on Monday (July 4, 2022). Maybe that’s when you and your family will enjoy their own kind of “fireworks” on the water.

No fishing license will be required Monday, the commission said, “to legally fish on Pennsylvania waterways on the designated day.” The offer gets better, too, for experienced fishers. Those angling for trout or salmon, or who plan to fish in Lake Erie, also will not need special permits July 4. All other fishing regulations, however, still apply.

If you’re looking for a particular catch, like stocked trout or yellow perch, the commission also provides 13 different lists of “Pennsylvania’s Best Fishing Waters” here.

Its one-day-only set asides for licensing represent “great ways for families to catch the fun of fishing!,” the commission added. And if the commission’s free-fishing promotion works as planned and “hooks” your family on the sport, it even conveniently lists (by county) where you can purchase a fishing license, here.

Photo by Sasha Khalabuzar via Deposit Photos, used under license