Police Respond at One Site for Three Thefts From Vehicles

NORTH COVENTRY PA – Thefts from three separate motor vehicles allegedly occurred Wednesday (June 29, 2022) sometime between 4 and 4:30 p.m. at Laurelwood Swim Club, 801 Union Ave., the North Coventry Police Department reported on its CrimeWatch website. Descriptions of the items or their estimated values were not available.

Police officers who responded to the call at Laurelwood said they expected to investigate a single incident, but the others were apparent upon their arrival, they said. One of the vehicles “had a window broken to gain access,” they said; the other two vehicles “were unsecured.”

Public assistance in its investigation would be appreciated, the department added. Anyone with information regarding these incidents is asked to call it at 610-323-8360, or offer information anonymously online using its “Submit A Tip Page” on CrimeWatch, here.

Keep what’s yours, yours

Law enforcement professionals regularly remind vehicle owners that they have the power to stop a majority of thefts from vehicles. The thefts represent crimes of opportunity, experts say, indicating that what car owners do – or fail to do – can make the difference whether thieves strike. Their tips:

  • Remember to lock your vehicle;
  • Remove articles of value when leaving vehicles unattended, or at least move them to where they are hidden and not seen through windows; and
  • Report anything you believe to be suspicious in nature, and particularly during late night and early morning hours.

Photo by North Coventry Police via Facebook