Want to Win Like Washington? Learn to ‘Lead Like George’

Want to Win Like Washington? Learn to 'Lead Like George'

VALLEY FORGE PA – What was it that turned George Washington, once derided as a playboy and a mere fox hunter, into a leader of men, a wartime general and, ultimately, the nation’s first president? Speaker David Cross believes he has the answer, and offers it July 14 (2022; Thursday) during a special “Lead Like George” leadership seminar at 6 p.m. at Washington Memorial Chapel on Route 23.

“Washington Crossing the Delaware/Getting Unstuck” is the most popular seminar presented by Cross and Indispensable Leadership LLC, promoters say, in part because it describes how Washington’s leadership skills helped lead his people into a war of independence.

During the lecture, Cross will discuss how, from a leadership perspective, Washington changed with the times and convinced people from different regions that they were all a part of a single army. Cross also will explore how Washington grew to become the “father of his country.” Those same principles apply to today’s society, Cross contends, for those with the willingness and skills to change.

His talk is part of the Washington Memorial Heritage Leadership Forum Series. It’s a history, leadership and author events program that kicked off earlier this year at the chapel. Drawing upon America’s Revolutionary history, it examines challenges and decisions faced by the country’s founders. Analyzing their experiences, it provides lessons to help participants in their business and personal lives.

The session costs $20. Students who offer proof of their status, such as a student ID card, will be admitted free. Online registrations are being accepted here, and here.

Photo by Laura Nyhuis via Unsplash, used under license
Graphic provided by Washington Memorial Chapel