Pottsgrove Marching Band Reveals Its New-Look Trailer

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – When the Pottsgrove High School Marching Band takes to playing fields later this year, either to perform in band competitions or to entertain crowds at football games and other sports events, it will do so with its instruments and gear traveling in style.

Pottsgrove Marching Band Reveals Its New-Look Trailer

The school district found funds within the music department budget, Co-Curricular Programs Director Steve Anspach said, to re-wrap the band trailer with new graphics and a more up-to-date look. “It’s gone from the ’80s to 2022 pretty well,” he reported, as the band publicly unveiled the trailer at a well-attended party Thursday (July 7, 2022) in the high school’s south parking lot.

Its outer skin carries the expected Pottsgrove logos, and the school’s name in huge letters. For the first time, the trailer also features photos of performing band members, alumni and current, as a tribute to all Falcon bands past, present and to come. Students work hard, put in long hours, and strive for perfection, Director Ellie Zerefos said. The trailer in part acknowledges their efforts.

Zerefos publicly thanked district Superintendent Dr. David Finnerty, Anspach, her fellow instructors in the music department, parents, and band members themselves for contributing to the group’s success. It’s won several championships in its past.

Video and photos by The Post