Schools Release Latest ‘Pottstown Pride’ Edition

POTTSTOWN PA – The Spring and Summer 2022 edition of the Pottstown School District’s “Pottstown Pride” digital publication, which documents its students’ and faculty successes during earlier months with photos and articles, was released online Tuesday (July 12, 2022) for public viewing. It’s available for download from the district website, here.

“Student activities are an integral part of our educational program,” the district explains. “Co-curricular programs are not only a way for students to have fun, but also a valuable educational tool. Activities provide an opportunity for all students to participate and help build community recognition and identity.” Pottstown Pride serves to preserve those recognitions.

Other editions of Pottstown Pride, dating back over a period of 10 years, also are available from the district, here.

Photo provided by the Pottstown School District