Police OT Costs Dealing with Offenses Rose in June

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Like almost everything else, the Lower Pottsgrove Police Department‘s personnel cost of dealing with offense-related incidents seems to be going up.

A comparison of department overtime costs for the month of June from 2020 through 2022, created for the township Board of Commissioners by Chief Richard Bell, shows the department last month spent more overtime dollars overall for officers to attend hearings, make trips to court, write required reports, and make arrests than in the same month of either of the two previous years.

  • For hearings, the department used 12.25 hours of overtime in 2022, 8 hours in 2021, and none in 2020;
  • For court assignments, 4 in 2022, and none in either 2021 or 2020;
  • On reports, 2.25 in 2022, none in 2021, and .5 in 2020; and
  • On arrests, 6.5 in 2022, and none in either 2021 or 2020.

The only offense-related activity that required less overtime in June 2022 was for investigations: .75 hours last month, 3.5 in 2021, and none in 2020.

The department last month spent $3,406 on all overtime, totaling 50.75 hours, according to the chief’s report. At an average cost of about $67 hourly, the department’s June offense-related overtime costs in the above categories might be estimated at $1,672, or about 49 percent of the total. Remaining overtime costs were incurred for administration and patrol shift coverage.

No overtime was needed for SWAT team activities or training. There also were no overtime costs for special assignments, drug task force, DUI checkpoint, and special traffic assignments; however, all of those are reimbursed to the township by outside sources if incurred.

The department’s total number of calls for service was down slightly in June 2022 at 1,189 total calls, compared to 1,201 during 2021, but up over pandemic year 2020, with 954 calls, the chief’s report also shows.

Photo by The Post