Weekend Stuff To Do On The Post Calendar

It’s a weekend to learn new things, like how to play mahjong (above) in Birdsboro, or help polinators in Pottstown help the planet, or why people ban books (under discussion in Boyertown). It’s a weekend for great food and other items, too, from the multitude of vendors at Pottstown FARM. And it’s a weekend to be entertained with movies at Riverfront Park, 18th century sports at Pottsgrove Manor, or at a concert in Lower Pottsgrove.

Some of these events are free, some have fees. Click on any link below for more information. Get out and go do something!

Friday, July 22

Saturday, July 23

Sunday, July 24

The above events are curated from a variety of sources, including public submissions. Got a weekend (Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays, and federal holiday Mondays only) event you’d like us to add? Send it to thesanatogapost@gmail.com.

Photo by Andrew Lozovyi via Deposit Photos, used under license