Pottstown Group Repeats School Funding Message

HARRISBURG PA – Advocates for fair and equitable educational monetary support in Pottstown schools, and all others statewide, assembled Tuesday (July 26, 2022) in Harrisburg at the Capitol to show their support on the final day of oral arguments in the historic court trial over the Pennsylvania Legislature’s school funding formula.

The group included Pottstown school board member Laura Johnson, and Federation of Pottstown Teachers Executive Officer Beth Yoder (at top), who stood side-by-side on the capitol steps. They were accompanied by students, teachers, and other smiling supporters (below).

Pottstown Group Tuesday Repeats School Funding Message

Johnson and Yoder contended “every child in Pottstown and across the state deserves a fair and equitable investment in their future. We look forward to the day when the state lives up to its legal and moral obligation to ensure quality educational opportunities for each child, which will help create a bright and successful future for the communities of our Commonwealth.”

Photos provided by the Pottstown School District