Tickets Available for Weekend’s ‘Starmites’ Musical

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Tickets for the musical “Starmites High School Edition,” scheduled for Thursday through Saturday (Aug. 4, 5, and 6, 2022) at Pottsgrove High School on Kauffman Road, remain available online here and here for both evening and matinée performances. The show, developed by Arts Bubble 19464, involves a collaboration of nearly 40 students from Pottsgrove and Pottstown high schools.

Described as a “vibrant teen musical,” the show revolves around a shy high school student, Eleanor Fairchild. When interacting with her classmates becomes too daunting, she escapes into a fantasy world involving science fiction characters in her comic book collection.

The musical teaches lessons of empowerment for youth, the value to disparate groups in working together to create change, and how one person can be a valuable part of creating community.

To broaden their experience, several members of the multi-talented cast are performing in separate and different roles in the production depending on performance dates. They include:

  • Eleanor Fairchild (in different performances): Haley Harner, Sydney Renner, Kelsey Renner;
  • Eleanor’s Mother/Banshee: Makayla Smith;
  • Spacepunk: Devon Smith;
  • S’up S’up Sensaboi (in different performances): Christian Toland, Nicole Lockey;
  • Diggity Razzledazzle: Ethan Chambers;
  • Doggety Razzledazzle: Robert Raegler;
  • Ack Ack Hackerax: Tiernan McCulloch;
  • Shak Graa: Dominic Corcoran;
  • Trinkulus (in different performances): Rocco Spinozzi-D’Andrea, Dominic Corcoran;
  • Diva (in different performances): Lena Cugini, Naysa Felix;
  • Bizarbara (in different performances): Nicole Lockey, Darby Spackman;
  • Shotzi: Caitlyn Ward;
  • Balbraka: Emily Gomez;
  • Canibelle: Kelsey Renner;
  • Hollaback: Makayla Smith;
  • Maligna: Peyton Benfield;
  • Stupifya: Sieira Dunne;
  • Dragonette – The Wise Woman: Zoa;
  • Divette Floss: Jaina Strunk;
  • Divette Fofo: Savannah Van Horne;
  • Divette Vava: Lindsay Palmer;
  • Divette Vooma: Genevieve Sullenberger;
  • Banshees (in different performances): Sydney Renner, Naysa Felix, Darby Spackman;
  • Banshees (in different performances): Haley Harner, Nicole Lockey, Lena Cugini;
  • Oragala: Ashlee Landis;
  • Beep Beep: Jahiem Pratt;
  • RUD2: Ray Gray; and
  • Fronabulax: Nicholas Rowe.

Members of the staff and crew include

  • Production Manager and Director, Aileen Lynch-McCulloch;
  • Music Director and Technical Director and Sound Design, Scott Byerly;
  • Assistant Director and Assistant Music Director, Paige Byerly;
  • Costume Design, Marjorie and Aileen Lynch-McCulloch;
  • Lighting Design, Lionel McCulloch;
  • Lighting Board Op, Avery Shope;
  • Sound Assistants, Paige Byerly and Nada Elgandy;
  • Set Painting, Natalie Shope, Avery Shope, Jacob Rowe, Jacob Love, Lauryn Rutsch;
  • Set Construction, Natalie Shope, Avery Shope, Jacob Love, Tiernan McCulloch, Robert Raegler, Ethan Chambers, Scott Byerly, Aileen Lynch-McCulloch;
  • “Starmites” Cut Outs Design, Natalie Shope; and
  • Stage Management Assistants, Natalie Shope, Jacob Love, Jacob Rowe, Dominic Corcoran.

Photo provided by Arts Bubble 19464