After The Heat, Here’s What Happens This Weekend

The darkest green (at top), which indicates heaviest rainfall, blankets Pennsylvania in an AccuWeather graphic

STATE COLLEGE PA – Generally speaking, AccuWeather Inc. Senior Meteorologist Joe Lundberg said Thursday (Aug. 4, 2022), areas in Mid-Atlantic states like Pennsylvania won’t see a total washout during Friday (below) and Saturday (Aug. 5 and 6). “But some random locations can be hit hard with repeating downpours that may lead to urban flooding,” he added.

After The Heat, What Happens This Weekend

A cool front that is poised to take Thursday’s heat surge down a notch will also trigger widespread torrential rain with some locally gusty thunderstorms into this weekend, according to AccuWeather, a company headquartered in State College that provides weather forecasts and warnings across the globe.

The bad news? The stormy set-up heading Pennsylvania’s way will continue to pose a dangerous flash flood risk already seen in hard-hit states like Kentucky. The good news? It will offer some relief from dryness – and in selected areas, drought conditions – to much of the Northeast.

After The Heat, What Happens This Weekend

While the front will weaken during the next three days, AccuWeather added, it will also stall. That will allow showers and thunderstorms to continue to erupt, and unleash locally heavy rainfall through at least Saturday (above) and even Sunday in some locations, its forecasters warned.

Weather graphics from AccuWeather Inc.