PA Libertarians Present ‘Largest’ Field of Candidates

HARRISBURG PA – Twenty-three individuals, representing the largest number of “legislative candidates in 28 years” will campaign for election in November (2022) under the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania banner, it announced Tuesday (Aug. 9).

Running as Libertarians are hopefuls for governor, lieutenant governor, the U.S. Senate and U.S. House, the Pennsylvania Senate, and Pennsylvania House, the party reported. In statewide races, party candidates are Erik Gerhardt for U.S. Senate, Matt Hackenburg for Pennsylvania governor, and Tim McMaster for lieutenant governor.

“The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania is in a strong position,” Chairman Rob Cowburn declared. “Approval of the two major parties is tanking. People are disenfranchised. They’re struggling and looking for solutions. All of our Libertarian candidates understand this. Our political system has failed the people of Pennsylvania, and it’s time to change it.”

Because Pennsylvania election law categorizes the Libertarian Party as a “minor political party,” it does not benefit from tax-supported primary elections. Instead, candidates and their supporters must collect required numbers of petition signatures to reach the ballot. “The people of Pennsylvania deserve better, and we’re fighting to provide them the voices they deserve,” Cowburn added.

Graphic by The Post