PennDOT Offers 2nd Chance to Avoid Losing License

HARRISBURG PA – Selected drivers who face suspension of their driver’s license, due either to an accumulation of penalty points on their driving records or for conviction on charges of excessive speeding, are being offered a sort of second chance to stay on the road, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reported Tuesday (Aug. 16, 2022).

The opportunity for redemption is available, the department said, by successfully completing its newly-instituted Driver Improvement School.

Participants in the school program can have points removed from their driving record that may help avoid a 15-day suspension required under certain circumstances. Individuals who attend and complete the schooling due to a conviction on excessive speeding also can avoid having to serve a 15-day suspension.

The ability to qualify for avoiding license suspensions is determined in part by the number of points or speeding convictions involved, and determinations made during a department hearing and by a driver safety examiner. Drivers cannot ask to attend the school on their own.

There are consequences, too. Those who do not successfully complete the course, or fail to attend it, are required to serve a 60-day driver’s license suspension.

The 6-hour school course focuses on safety, and addresses poor driver behaviors and judgment exhibited in “high risk” drivers. It’s intended to educate and assist problematic drivers to identify why they engage in risky driving behavior and how to modify their behavior to assist in improving their driving habits.

For more information, see the department’s Driver Improvement School page online, here.

Photo by Hay Dmitriy via Deposit Photos, used under license