Weight Limits Being Lowered on East High Bridge

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – The weight limit of the East High Street bridge near Sunnybrook Road in Lower Pottsgrove (at top and below), which carries hundreds of vehicles daily across Sprogels Run, is being lowered by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation due to its “extensive deterioration,” the township reported.

Weight Limits Being Lowered on East High Bridge

The reduced limits apply primarily to trucks and larger vehicles, a notice posted to the township website indicated.

“An engineering study determined the weight limit based on (the bridge’s) structural condition,” it said, which has been declining over several years. East High Street and the bridge both are owned by the state. PennDOT intends to reduce allowable weights to vehicles of “27 tons (54,000 pounds), except combinations of 40 tons (80,000 pounds).”

Also, PennDOT will now require owners of overweight vehicles to request advance “permission to cross this bridge” using a designated form (Application M-4902) and submitting it to the department “for review and approval,” according to the state.

“Approval of the permit is conditional, based upon a bridge analysis performed by the department to ensure the permitted vehicle(s) does not damage the bridge,” it stated.

File photos of the East High Street bridge by The Post