At Pottsgrove, More Students Register for Sports

At Pottsgrove, More Students Register for Sports
Returning Pottsgrove girls tennis players played singles matches Tuesday

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Steve Anspach, director of athletics and co-curricular activities for the Pottsgrove School District, enjoyed Tuesday’s (Aug. 16, 2022) mid-afternoon sunshine and comfortable temperature at Falcon Field as he watched the boys’ soccer team in practice. Accompanied by coaches, it worked on ball-handling skills, and the field seemed filled with players.

Athletes were busy in the weight and training room too, just across the parking lot at Pottsgrove High. A little further north at the tennis courts, girls’ tennis coach Gus Tellis was welcoming returning team members and seven newcomers. And out on the high school’s south parking lot, members of the Pottsgrove Marching Band were perfecting their moves while playing snippets of a popular classical score.

At Pottsgrove, More Students Register for Sports
Members of the Pottsgrove Marching Band worked on both their moves and their music

Anspach acknowledged the activity on and surrounding the field, and noted that registrations for fall sports were significantly higher than they’ve been during the past two years. Students, like almost everyone else, he said, wanted fun as well as “some relief” from being isolated by the original outbreak of COVID-19 and its subsequent variants.

Sports have for many become their means to the end, Anspach said. “Great to see, isn’t it?,” he added with a smile.

So it’s no surprise that the Monday-through-Friday practice schedules his office created for the high school’s cross country, cheerleading, field hockey, golf, girls soccer, boys soccer, girls tennis, and volleyball teams fill a one-and-a-half page grid. Locations on and off campus are bustling with workouts and energy. Missing, only temporarily, is the football team; it’s away at camp this week.

At Pottsgrove, More Students Register for Sports
Pottsgrove’s boys soccer team members in practice Tuesday on Falcon Field

In fact, there’s so much going on within close proximity to the high school that district Communications Specialist Danielle Sabulsky reported she spent much of Tuesday at a variety of venues, shooting video of various players and teams in action. The segments are being compiled, she said, for a production that could soon find its way onto Pottsgrove’s website.

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