Pottstown’s VideoRay Lands ‘Large’ U.S. Navy Order

POTTSTOWN PA – VideoRay LLC, the Pottstown-based manufacturer of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), said Wednesday (Aug. 17, 2022) it landed “a large and diverse order” for its Defender-model products from the U.S. Navy.

The company, which currently reports annual revenues of more than $30 million, did not disclose the financial value of the order. However, VideoRay added that it expects 2022 revenue “to be roughly double that of 2021, and is in the process of building up its manufacturing capacity to meet this ramped-up demand.”

The Navy “is standardizing” on VideoRay Defender Mission Specialist systems, according to the firm, due to its capabilities, flexibility, and upgradability of the large number of systems deployed since 2019. Additionally, the company said it “has delivered or has firm orders from 20 other navies and coast guards from allied nations.”

Navy operators rely on the robotic ROVs, VideoRay said, to “autonomously identify and defeat underwater mines, and perform other tasks with minimal or no active user input.” More broadly, the drone-like units “help prevent terrorism, find and retrieve objects, inspect infrastructure both inland and offshore, and keep divers safe from hazardous conditions,” according to the company.

VideoRay has won Navy praise, it said, “for the ease with which systems can be repaired in the field. … All the components of a Defender ROV are modular, and are designed to be easily swapped out by war fighters in the field.”

Watch a video (above) about VideoRay’s ROVs, or see it at the company’s YouTube channel.

The company is supplying customer support to the Navy with training facilities and staffing in Pottstown, as well as in San Diego CA. It’s also working with nine other companies in the U.S., United Kingdom, Norway, and Canada on projects that use Defender technology.

VideoRay Defender photo from a screenshot taken by The Post